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8 thoughts on “Anime

  1. Jeneasa

    YOUR DRAWING IS GOOD THE ONE WITH THREE FRIENDS ON IT !!!!!!!im a sixth grader so that you know i am the one with the braids and beads just stop me if you want to. IM NOT SHANTEL

  2. Kat

    Oh cool i see Jenease has commented (i told her to go on this web) hey ash i STILL love ur pics keep up the good work i finnaly got a web of my own please vist http://www.katsanime.ning.com i would love it if u became a member or if anybody else wants to be a member

    from ur BFF Kat =3

  3. Kat

    cool I love the Color Blind pic its cool oh and you should put the ty and kat pic (aka music lovers) pic on here for the world to see sence you said you worked so hard on it

  4. Kat

    Hey it’s Kat your doing great work love your pics have loved them love them and alwas will love them keep it up and dont give up from ur bff kat