I love this series!!!

6 thoughts on “Cirque Du Freak

  1. laura

    i was on abbys website and i saw one of those japanese singy dancey videos. guess who put it on there. i’ll give you a hint. “you made me hurt me!!!!”

  2. Larua

    Ur pictures r very cute and they r also weird. I dont no what to think. I am surprised that u can drw that good. I knew that u were good but not that good.

  3. rachel tomeff

    hahahaha u made me hurt me…….. thats so mean i swear im bringing my video camera one day so we can record everything we do…..then its going on my youtube account

  4. Hint

    I know who wrote your drawing sucks a litte while ago KAT if you want to know come in band hall to find out who.JUST FOUND OUT WHO